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2006 6.6L LBZ Duramax Injectors

The 6.6L Duramax diesel engine is a powerful and reliable engine used in Chevy and GMC products. Your 6.6L 2006 Duramax injectors can begin to act tired, worn down and start to work less efficiently because of nozzle seat micro finish imperfections, nozzle hole erosion, coking  volume deficiencies, clogging and contaminants. It may be time to replace the old diesel injectors with a fresh set of high performance LBZ Duramax injectors from Dieselogic. With these amazing, high performance LBZ and LMM Duramax injectors, you'll get an increase in overall power and torque due to the better atomization into the combustion chambers. We also sell parts that can help protect your engine like CAT fuel filter adapter kits, glow plug sets, injection pumps and more. Contact our expert staff at Dieselogic to get answers or more information about all of our parts and to get assistance finding the correct parts for your Duramax Diesel engine.