If you are noticing smoke coming from your engine, strange noises, or poor truck performance in general, your diesel fuel injectors could be to blame. When diesel injectors fail, it impacts the entire performance of your vehicle. From 2005 Duramax diesel injectors to 03 Cummins injectors, fuel injection systems can experience the same types of failures. If you suspect that your system is not working at all, the following issues could be to blame.

    • Lack Of Filtration: If your vehicle is showing problematic symptoms, it might be because your injection system is not filtering properly. To avoid this, be sure that you are changing your filter according to your vehicle’s owner’s manual.


    • Fuel Leakage: If fuel is leaking onto your fuel injectors, it could be causing corrosion on the hardware and excess particles in the fuel itself. Be sure that you are inspecting your tank regularly to make sure that there are not any cracks or loose places that could be releasing fuel.


    • Wrong Injection Rate: When systems are set at an incorrect injection rate, this usually points to loose or dislodged parts in your system. Be sure to get this inspected by a professional to pinpoint these spots and correct the issue.


    • Incorrect Installation: Any problems in the installation process will cause major issues later on. If the entire system is installed correctly, the fuel might spray in the wrong direction or not spray at all. Reinstallation or repair should be able to reverse this issue.

  • Wear And Tear: General damage could be the cause of your failed injection system. More modern rail-injectors can double the wear on a system because they release two or three times per engine cycle. While this might not be a problem for remanufactured models, be sure to ask your mechanic about how to address wear and tear.

Whether you have 2005 Duramax diesel injectors or 03 Cummins injectors, it is important to understand these common causes of failure. If you think that your engine is acting up, be sure to take your truck to a specialist right away to address any issues. By being diligent about repairs, you will keep your diesel vehicle on the road for many more miles.