By taking good care of your diesel engine, you are keeping your engine running smoothly for as long as possible. If you are letting basic maintenance slip through the cracks, however, you are setting yourself up for spending excess time and money on repairs down the road. As the owner of a diesel engine, be sure that you are not making these common mistakes.

  1. Forgetting Fluids
    Depending on your vehicle’s specific needs, you should be following a strict schedule for changing your fluids. Make sure that you are changing your oil, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and wiper fluid regularly.


  1. Dirty Filter
    If you are not changing your truck’s fuel filter regularly, it could be damaging your diesel fuel injection system. This happens because your fuel is not flowing properly. Clogged fuel injectors could mean big problems for your engine’s overall function, so be diligent about cleaning or changing your filter.
  2. Ignoring Small Problems
    If your truck isn’t starting as well as it normally does, or misfires a few times, don’t brush the problem under the rug. This could be a sign of failing fuel injectors or other engine issues. Getting your car into the mechanic is always the safest option to rule out or address engine damage.
  3. Skipping Inspections
    You should be scheduling regular inspections with a mechanic or dealership that understands your specific make and model. For example, if you are using 2004 Dodge cummins injectors, make sure that your vehicle is inspected by a business that has experience with these parts. You want to be schedule part replacement or repairs with the same mechanic or dealer that performed your inspection.
  4. Driving A Cold Engine
    Are you driving off as soon as your start your engine? This is a common mistake that can cause major issues. By letting your engine run before you drive, you are allowing the entire engine receive even lubrication and heat evenly. This is especially important if you are driving in a cold region.

Cars with diesel engines enjoy 20-40% more efficiency than gasoline counterparts. It is worth your wile to take care of your engine and reap these benefits. The best maintenance routine depends on your specific make or model, so speak to your mechanic about how to best service your vehicle. Whether you use 2004 dodge cummins injectors or 2006 5.9 cummins injectors, it is important to make sure that your engine is using and receiving its fuel efficiently.