When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, choosing the right parts is key. And that is especially important when it comes to fuel delivery. For diesel trucks, it’s all about the fuel injectors. By installing the best injectors, your fuel can be delivered at the right moment with full efficiency.

The Importance of Fuel Injectors

Good fuel injectors improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, increase the power of your engine, and make emissions cleaner. Poorly performing injectors, on the other hand, reduce your engine’s performance while likely leading to other problems down the road. The importance of putting the best fuel injectors in your engine really can’t be overstated.

So what are your options? There’s more to it than just a choice of brand names and places to buy your fuel injectors. For many diesel truck owners looking to select the best injectors, remanufactured and refurbished models are more affordable options, compared to buying brand-new injectors.

The Choice is Yours

As the owner of a diesel engine, you’ll have to decide between remanufactured fuel injectors vs new injectors. Also, are refurbished fuel injectors any good? While they are an affordable alternative to new parts, they may not perform exactly the same.

So, which should you choose for your truck?

Remanufactured Fuel Injectors vs New vs Refurbished

The choice you make can have long-term implications for your vehicle’s performance and durability. By understanding the key differences between these two types of injectors, you can then select which is best for your car’s needs.


Let’s first take a look at remanufactured diesel injectors. While the terms remanufactured and refurbished might sound similar, there are some very significant differences that you need to know.

Remanufactured fuel injectors, in this case, are models that are actually returned to their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) performance.

  • They are taken apart and each component is measured for tolerances and tested for wear and tear.
  • Anything that does not meet the OEM performance specs is replaced with a new part.
  • Essentially, a remanufactured fuel injector can be entirely new on the inside with just the body of the old injector remaining.

The main benefit of remanufactured fuel injectors is that you get the performance of a new injector at a lower price. The rigorous testing of the injectors from the Dieselogic NEO  will reassure you that the performance will be up to standard.

On top of the price and performance, buying remanufactured fuel injectors also helps to reduce waste, as the old injector bodies get reused instead of being thrown out – assisting in our circular economy.

And to add to the perks of remanufactured injectors, these models often come with a warranty that is either the same or better than new products. You can rest assured that you are getting real value, since 100% of the parts are examined and approved.


Buying new fuel injectors comes with obvious advantages:

  • New fuel injectors have zero wear and tear since all the component parts, including the body, are new and have not experienced any use.
  • Each part included in a new injector has been made to the exact standards of the manufacturer, making for a relatively worry-free product.
  • While remanufactured parts have been rigorously tested and have had worn components replaced, new injectors have the added certification that every component is fresh and ready for a long life of use.

On the other hand, new injectors will cost you more, and they do not include the same environmental friendliness of remanufactured fuel injectors because there are no reused elements to help reduce waste.


The final option available is to go with refurbished fuel injectors. But are refurbished fuel injectors any good?

The most important thing to understand is that refurbished and remanufactured are very different things. While remanufactured fuel injectors are assembled by the OEM, inspected for wear and tear, and internal parts get replaced as needed, refurbished fuel injectors do not go through that process. In fact, they are essentially used injectors removed from a salvage engine..

  • Refurbished fuel injectors are taken from a high-mileage engine and are essentially sold in their current condition to be placed in another engine.
  • Unlike remanufactured models, they are not inspected or repaired.
  • Refurbished injectors are cleaned only on the exterior, which makes them appear remanufactured. However, cleaning is about as far as the refurbishing goes.
  • You are getting a used product.

Which Should You Choose?

For most diesel owners, the choice of remanufactured fuel injectors vs new vs refurbished comes down to the first two options.


The biggest problem with refurbished fuel injectors is the lifespan of injectors in general. Typically, fuel injectors need to be replaced about every 100,000 miles. Getting fuel injectors that have been taken from a high-mileage vehicle means they are already at or near the point when they should be replaced. The initial cost savings will not likely justify the purchase. You are essentially gambling on durability


Buying new fuel injectors makes sense for the obvious reasons. You get products that have been assembled by the OEM and that have not experienced any wear and tear. This is, however, the most expensive choice to make.


However, many truck owners ultimately turn to remanufactured models for a variety of reasons. Since remanufactured fuel injectors have been rigorously tested and have had their internal parts replaced as needed, you get the reliability of a new injector. Plus, you get it at a lower price point.

Remanufactured products are gaining ground because of these advantages. The automotive, mining, and aerospace industries make up over 50% of remanufacturing. On top of that, the United States is the largest consumer exporter of remanufactured goods in the world. In fact, it added up to a $43 billion industry in 2011, supporting at least 180,000 jobs.


There’s also the matter of sustainability. Not only are you supporting jobs by choosing remanufactured car parts, but you are also caring for the environment. These products can save millions of tons of natural resources and stop landfills from piling up. With these auto parts having multiple lives, the global remanufacturing industry is estimated to hit $140 billion by 2020. It’s really a matter of getting the best of both worlds by combining quality new internal parts that have been tested with a reused body that helps reduce waste. The remanudacturing industry helps the environment in a number of ways, including energy conservation, raw material conservation, reducing landfill space, and reducing air pollution.

By purchasing remanufactured injectors, you can be part of this economic growth and environmental impact. You also get a sensible value with tested performance.