Common Fuel Injector Problems Specific To Duramax Models

duramax performance injectors

Every model of diesel fuel injectors has its own set of problems, and Duramax injectors are no exception. Even the most updated and efficient models can have issues, so it’s important for owners to know when their system needs repair. The following are some of the most common problems that shops notice when servicing this type of injector system. By being aware of these issues, you can get your car fixed when you need to and keep your Duramax performance injectors running like new.

    • Overheating: Earlier Duramax models most often experience overheating, particularly during warmer times of the year. In injection systems, this issue is usually caused by a faulty fan clutch, so fixing that part usually does the trick. But keep in mind that problems with the rest of the system can also cause overheating, so you should take your vehicle to a professional.


    • Head Gasket Damage: Duramax gaskets have multiple layers. When the gasket is performing well, the layers separate to release coolant and exhaust. If they don’t, these substances can get caught up and cause problems. Your mechanic will inspect the radiator hose for clogs as a clue of head gasket issues.


    • Fuel Line Issues: This type of injection system tends to be vulnerable to fuel line issues. This includes fuel starvation, in which fuel is not able to properly enter the line. Sometimes air gets into the fuel lines as well. When small cracks form in the line, you might experience these problems.


    • Glow Plug Failure: When the glow plug system actually functions faster than the glow plug, the tip of the plug might break. This is less of a risk in newer models since GM actually fixed the problem. But if you have a 2006 model, you should watch out for this. It could cause serious engine damage.


  • Water Pump Leaks: When the water pump is damaged, water actually leaks underneath. This can create quite a mess and should be changed as soon as possible. Be sure to bring it to a professional for this, as it can be difficult to remove the surrounding parts.

Duramax performance injectors are one of the most popular injection models. Since diesel fuel is 25% to 30% more energy rich than gasoline, owners should choose to maintain their systems to the best of their ability. This will keep the fuel running smoothly, encouraging optimal truck performance.

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