Should I Buy Aftermarket Or OEM Diesel Fuel Injectors?

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When planning to replace your vehicle’s diesel fuel injectors, it is important to choose the best injector type for your specific make and model. For most vehicles, owners will have the option of purchasing aftermarket or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) diesel injectors. Each type has its pros and cons, so be sure to assess your options.

Aftermarket Fuel Injectors
Pros: These types of fuel injectors are usually the least expensive option, as they have already been used in a different diesel engine. You generally won’t have to worry about them being worn out because the distributor should have inspected and tuned them. In some cases, they may have even been disassembled and refined to meet OEM quality. For many diesel truck owners, this can be both an economical and quality option.

Cons: Aftermath fuel injectors are usually only problematic when a vendor does not inspect them well. If you purchase from a low-quality distributor, you should expect a low-quality product. For this reason, be sure to be thorough in your search and make sure that you purchase your injectors from a company with integrity.

OEM Fuel Injectors
Pros: Original equipment manufacturer injectors include all new parts, making them as close to new as possible. The actual car manufacturer will assemble and test these parts, ensuring that they are up to standards. These parts will be shiny and new without fully sacrificing affordability. It is also helpful that the manufacturer performs this task since they are the experts on the specific part for your model.

Cons: Since these models have new parts, they are usually more expensive than aftermarket products. These parts also use an older body with new parts, so they could be faulty if the manufacturer does a poor job. Make sure that your fuel injection system has been tested before you leave with your vehicle.

Diesel fuel is 25% to 30% more energy rich than regular gasoline, so you are already doing your vehicle a service by using it. Choosing the right diesel fuel injection system can fully enhance your car’s efficiency and longevity. If you are having any doubts about which type of injector to choose, make sure to consult an expert. The age, make, model, and condition of your car could change its injection needs. Be diligent in this process and in inspecting the system after installation for any problems. These should be addressed right away.

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