Forget What You Thought You Knew: 3 Diesel Myths Busted

fuel injectionDiesel cars are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. In fact, projections have the percentage of cars with diesel engines doubling from 3.2% of vehicles sold in 2012 to 6.4% in 2018.

Despite the new interest in these cars, however, a number of myths still permeate the minds of car buyers. And it’s a shame, considering the numerous benefits that come from diesel cars.

We’ve written this blog to help dispel some of the more pervasive misconceptions that surround diesel cars and help you better understand your vehicle.

    1. Diesel Is Dirty
      We’ve all seen a truck making its way down the highway with plumes of black smoke erupting out of its tailpipe. But with the most recent regulations passed on diesel engines, they actual emit less carbon than gasoline engines. That is because of the addition of the Diesel Particulate Filter, which helps remove visible smoke in newer models.


    1. Diesel Isn’t Efficient
      People think that diesel-powered cars are slow, which is mostly wrong. There is, however, one small point of fact to be made. Diesel engines tend to work best at lower revolutions per minute, or when the car is going under 65 miles per hour, whereas gasoline engines work better towards the top end of the spectrum. Considering most driving (and most towing) occurs below 65 miles per hour, diesel engines are more effective.


  1. Diesel Isn’t Good For Long Trips
    No one knows why this myth was started. Perhaps because people think that diesel is less widely available than gasoline, or because they think that diesel cars don’t adjust to different environments well. To the first point, there are constantly more diesel pumps available as more of the market turns to diesel engines. To the second, diesel cars actually perform better in a wide variety of conditions. Take high altitudes, for instance. While gasoline engines need to adjust to the decrease in oxygen in the engine, diesel can adjust oxygen intake and fuel injection to maximize performance.

The myths surrounding the uses of diesel fuel are many, but hopefully, this myth busting session has taken care of a few of the more common ones.

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