Diesel Fuel Injector Care Basics: Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaners

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Diesel is quickly growing to be a popular option for car buyers looking for better torque and affordability. While sales of diesel engined cars only accounted for 3.2% of sales in 2012, the number is on track to double by 2018.

But as more and more first-time diesel drivers get behind the wheel, there is a great deal of care and maintenance specific to diesel engines that they will need to understand in order to keep their car and diesel engine working efficiently.

One of the biggest divergences are the diesel fuel injectors. Unlike conventional engines, the diesel engine receives its fuel delivered as a fine mist from a number of different fuel injection system.

Because its delivery method is so different, diesel fuel has additives that allow it to combust from pressure alone, whereas gasoline needs a spark.

But the performance fuel additives take a toll on a diesel engine, slowly building up deposits in the engine and fuel injectors. These deposits will decrease fuel efficiency and reduce it’s power, making the car both slower and more expensive that it’s gasoline powered counterparts.

To rectify the situation, mechanics will use ultrasonic waves to help clear out the deposits. But this diesel injector treatment is expensive, as is attempting to clean the fuel injectors on your own.

The best way to clean fuel injectors is to use a commercial injector cleaner. By adding these chemicals to the fuel, they will remove the build up while your car is running without having any negative effects on the way your car runs.

The fuel cleaner can also help alleviate problems outside of the diesel fuel injection system, and that affect your entire diesel fuel system. From the hoes to the pies, even the fuel pump will benefit from an injector cleaner being regularly used.

Whether you are a new diesel engine owner, or you have been driving them your whole life, it can be difficult to know what is best for your car’s health.

To guarantee that you are practicing the best diesel maintenance for your diesel engine and fuel injectors, be sure to speak with a Diesel Logic professional. As industry leaders in diesel vehicles, we are here to assure your satisfaction.

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