How Diesel Fuel Quality Affects Your Injectors

lly injector balance ratesThere are many factors that impact the function of your diesel fuel injection system. While it is often overlooked, diesel fuel quality is one of them. If you are not putting low quality fuel into your vehicle, it could be detrimental to your car’s overall function. From the LLY injector balance rates to injection timing, the whole system can get thrown off. Use this guide to learn just how the fuel you pump into your vehicle changes the way your car runs.

What Causes Fuel To Go Bad?

    • Debris: Especially in lower grade fuels, debris may be floating around. When this gets into your injection system, it can easily clog and scratch up your nozzles.


    • Rust: Through the fuel production process, rust can also get into the fuel. Just like other types of debris, this can line your system and plug the system’s nozzles.


  • Temperature: As with most liquids, fuel has an ideal temperature point. And when diesel fuel is kept above 86 degrees Fahrenheit, its life drops between six and 12 months.

How Can I Tell If My Fuel Is Bad?

    • Smoke: When your vehicle is producing excessive dark smoke, it is a sign that your diesel fuel injectors are clogged up with bad fuel. Be sure to have them cleaned as soon as possible and check the rest of the system as well.


    • Low RPM: When your nozzles are clogged with fuel, the right amount of fuel is not getting to your engine. This can reduce power and slow down your RPMs.


    • Cloudy Fuel: Sometimes, you may actually be able to spot bad fuel by simply looking at it. If you notice that debris are floating around or it has a hazy appearance, it is likely not the best fuel to be putting in your car.


  • Foul Smells: You might actually notice a strong fuel odor or a different “off” smell. This may mean that your engine is working too hard or fuel is leaking from the nozzles.

If you notice any of the above problems, be sure to get your vehicle to a professional as soon as possible. Every detail, such as LLY injector balance rates, depends on the function of the system as a whole. And of course, talk to your mechanic or manufacturer about what fuel grade is best for your car. This will help you choose quality fuel every time and avoid these issues.

Why You Should Think Before Replacing Just One Fuel Injector

2005 Duramax diesel

When it comes to your diesel fuel injection system, a single injector is often the cause of an entire engine failure. When you have become the expert on your 2005 Duramax diesel system or other industry equivalent, it might be tempting to just replace that one nozzle and be done with it.

But that is not always the best option.

Often, one little problem in your diesel engine may be indicative of other system failures. This is why it is often best to replace multiple injectors at once. Before you make your decision, consider these following reasons to order a full set of injectors the next time one of yours breaks.

  • The other injectors are likely on the way out too. Especially if you installed all of your diesel injectors around the same time, they are going to likely fail around the same time. If you purchased them at different times, it will be more convenient for you to get them on the same replacement schedule.
  • Bulk replacement is often more economical. Buying things together saves on packaging and money. This is especially true if you are ordering from an online retailer, as you will ultimately save on shipping costs when ordering a box of injectors rather than one at a time.
  • You will pay less for labor at the mechanic. In addition to saving on shipping costs and general packaging, you will also save on labor fees by replacing your diesel injectors at once. Your diesel specialist will be able to install your new parts quickly and efficiently all at once, rather than charging you in pieces for single installations.
  • Replacing one does not save effort. Any diesel vehicle professional will not be inconvenienced by having to install a set of injectors. If you are installing them at home, it may feel like more effort at first. But the more you do it, you will prefer to quickly install new injectors together.

Whether you own older 1997 Powerstroke injectors or are searching for parts for your 2005 Duramax diesel, it’s important to be mindful of your replacement schedule. Remember that more modern common-rail injector systems can cause twice the wear because they fire fuel two or three times for each engine cycle. Talk to your mechanic about how to tell if your injectors are on the out, and what types of injectors you need to order.

A Basic Guide To Diesel Fuel Injection Terminology

lmm injector life

Owning a diesel car requires a different set of knowledge than owning a gasoline model. Not only is diesel fuel 25% to 30% more energy rich than gasoline, it also uses a completely different injection model. If you are new to owning a diesel vehicle, you may not completely understand what exactly is happening when your car injects fuel.

From determining an LMM injector lifespan to replacing your Cummins injector nozzles, it is important to understand the following language. Start with these and add more as you go. By reading up on this diesel fuel injection system terminology, you can talk to any car professional about your diesel fuel injection system.

    • Nozzle: One of the most important parts of your injection system, the nozzle actually provides a connection between the injection needle and the engine’s combustion chamber. This may be the part that you will replace most often.


    • Start Of Delivery: This measurement varies in every vehicle. Start of fuel delivery is usually triggered by a certain pressure. This pressure builds as the car runs, and once it hits a certain point, the injection system sensors know to release fuel into the combustion chamber.


    • Injection Duration: This is the exact time period that the system uses to release fuel. Related is the injection pattern, which determines how often the system releases fuel.


    • Timing Marks: These marks are located at different parts of the engine, flywheel, and damper to make sure that injection timing is happening correctly. If the marks are not aligned, timing could be calibrated incorrectly. This can mean trouble for your engine.


  • Thermal Efficiency: Your mechanic may measure this to make sure your vehicle is using the perfect amount of energy. Thermal efficiency is how much fuel your car is using compared to the amount of fuel that is actually in the car.

If you have any questions about certain terms used by your mechanic, be sure to ask for clarification. Once you have your diesel vehicle for a while, you will get used to all of the moving parts and how they work together. You will learn, for example, how LMM injector life impacts injection duration. For now, continue to educate yourself so that you can identify any problems that come up by name.

Diesel Fuel Injector Care Basics: Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaners

fuel injection

Diesel is quickly growing to be a popular option for car buyers looking for better torque and affordability. While sales of diesel engined cars only accounted for 3.2% of sales in 2012, the number is on track to double by 2018.

But as more and more first-time diesel drivers get behind the wheel, there is a great deal of care and maintenance specific to diesel engines that they will need to understand in order to keep their car and diesel engine working efficiently.

One of the biggest divergences are the diesel fuel injectors. Unlike conventional engines, the diesel engine receives its fuel delivered as a fine mist from a number of different fuel injection system.

Because its delivery method is so different, diesel fuel has additives that allow it to combust from pressure alone, whereas gasoline needs a spark.

But the performance fuel additives take a toll on a diesel engine, slowly building up deposits in the engine and fuel injectors. These deposits will decrease fuel efficiency and reduce it’s power, making the car both slower and more expensive that it’s gasoline powered counterparts.

To rectify the situation, mechanics will use ultrasonic waves to help clear out the deposits. But this diesel injector treatment is expensive, as is attempting to clean the fuel injectors on your own.

The best way to clean fuel injectors is to use a commercial injector cleaner. By adding these chemicals to the fuel, they will remove the build up while your car is running without having any negative effects on the way your car runs.

The fuel cleaner can also help alleviate problems outside of the diesel fuel injection system, and that affect your entire diesel fuel system. From the hoes to the pies, even the fuel pump will benefit from an injector cleaner being regularly used.

Whether you are a new diesel engine owner, or you have been driving them your whole life, it can be difficult to know what is best for your car’s health.

To guarantee that you are practicing the best diesel maintenance for your diesel engine and fuel injectors, be sure to speak with a Diesel Logic professional. As industry leaders in diesel vehicles, we are here to assure your satisfaction.