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2003-2004 5.9L

Is it time to replace the injectors, turbo charger, diesel connector tubes, injection pumps or feed lines on your 2003 2004 5.9 Dodge Cummins? Dieselogic has the ideal parts for you to use to bring your engine back to life and revitalize its power. By bringing the fuel system back to its optimized state, you'll find the power and efficiency coming back to your Cummins engine.

If you're looking to increase your power and torque, we carry our stage 1 injector sets that will improve the fuel delivery into your diesel engine and bring the power to all new levels.

With Dieselogic, you'll get superior injectors that will hold up to the abuse of a diesel engine and provide you with a long life of reliability and consistent power.

If you have any questions about our '03 Cummins injectors or other parts, our team will be happy to give you a hand and make sure you get the parts that are ideal for your Cummins engine.